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Kontrola izduvnih gasova vozila na benzin

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A stainless steel box is installed in the automobile emission system, and the catalytic purification converter is placed in the box. The automobile catalyst in the converter is made of honeycomb ceramic or metal matrix. The honeycomb body surface is coated with active coating composed of Al2O3, rare earth based materials and a small amount of precious metals, and then it is catalyzed by these precious metals.

When the high temperature of the automobile exhaust through the purification device, the coating in the three-way catalytic converter will enhance the activity of CO, hydrocarbons and NOx three kinds of gas, promote it to carry out a certain oxidation - reduction chemical reaction, CO oxidation at high temperature into a colorless, non-toxic carbon dioxide gas; Hydrocarbons oxidize to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide at high temperatures; NOx is reduced to nitrogen and oxygen. Three kinds of harmful gas into harmless gas, so that car exhaust can be purified.



Three - dimensional catalytic car special parts

Kaite Catalyst uses GVI technology to provide a series of ternary catalytic products suitable for the automotive aftermarket

The original factory quality conversion efficiency is high

Kait is a supporting catalytic converter for the automobile OEM, and the original V/ VI catalytic converter has the same production coating process. It develops catalytic unit series products for domestic after-market vehicles

Long-term control emissions marking

With 15 years of focus on catalyst research and development, Keter has developed a number of high-performance catalyst products containing platinum, palladium, rhodium and other precious metals, effectively solving the problem of HC, NOX, CO exhaust caused by non-engine failure.

OBD compatibility is strong

Kaite products use high-performance rare earth oxygen storage materials, fast activation speed, effectively solve the problem of OBD light caused by catalytic converter problems.

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